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Taking your declaration of faith, the shahada, is perhaps the most important moment of your life, the beginning of a new chapter and a formal acknowledgement of your becoming a Muslim.

Whether you are ready to take the next step, have questions you need answers to, or just want to learn more about Islam, you’ve come to the right place!


Shahada ceremonies are usually intimate affairs. Typically, they are held in a private setting with just a handful of people serving as witnesses, alongside the officiating Imam and a member of Cambridge Crescent.

But, as seen below, you may wish to invite family, friends & colleagues to join you in celebrating this momentous and life-changing occasion!

Whichever you choose, we provide a safe and welcoming environment for your shahada ceremony.


We work alongside our sister organisation Cambridge Crescent, a volunteer run group dedicated to supporting anyone who is interested in Islam or has already taken shahada, the testimony of faith.

Whether you know a little or have been learning about Islam for years, this in-person support group with other converts is a valuable source of information, guidance and practical help.

Even if you’re not local, they can connect you with a network of helpful new Muslims!


The amount of information available online regarding Islam can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, with trustworthy and relevant resources hard to identify…

Whether you need to learn to pray, want to understand the Qur’an or would just like to learn more about Islamic spirituality and practice, we have collated a thematic list of helpful resources to help get you started.

Having a connection with the Qur’an is at the heart of being a Muslim. Listening to its verses, as they were revealed by Allah, is both spiritually nourishing and a meaningful act of worship. Just as important is understanding and contemplating on the meanings of those verses – the gateway to a deeper connection with Allah and His Message.

Follow along as our former Imam, Ali Tos, recites the entire Qur’an in one-hour segments, with translations available in multiple languages.

For translations of the Qur’an and to learn about more about its stories, themes and styles we recommend these books.

Every Friday, during the congregational prayers, known as Jum’a, one of our Imams delivers a sermon in English, which we record and make public shortly afterwards. These short reminders cover a range of topics and are a great resource for all Muslims.

Tim Winter, also known as Abdal Hakim Murad, is not only our chair of trustees but also Dean of nearby Cambridge Muslim College. If possible, we recommend hearing him speak in-person at one of their public events. Alternatively peruse their YouTube channel, or sign up to their online learning platform. His older lectures can be found at Cambridge Khutbas Etc, though this is no longer maintained.

If you have specific questions about normative Islamic practice we recommend Seekers Guidance, an online resource with free courses and answers to common questions from qualified scholars.

We also recommend these books, which cover everything from being Muslim to spirituality and the Messenger of God to whom the Qur’an was revealed – the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

If you’re interested in Islam and want to speak to one of our Imams, book a ‘Interest in Islam’ meeting on this page.

This visual guide covers how to physically perform the ritual prayer, also known as Salah. It covers exactly what to say and when during both the compulsory Fard prayers as well as the optional Sunnah prayers for all five daily prayers.

For more context around what Salah is, its importance and requirements including ritual ablution or Wudu, see this comprehensive guide on learning to how to pray.

Whilst videos are more helpful when it comes to learning to pray, books are also very helpful. Here are some of books we recommend on Salah.


The ‘shahada’ is the Islamic declaration of faith, which, when said freely and with conviction, (i.e. taking shahada), brings one into the fold of Islam, making them a Muslim. The declaration covers the most important beliefs: the oneness of God and the prophecy of Muhammad, God’s Blessings & Peace be upon him:

أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا ٱللَّٰهُ
Ashadu ʾalā ʾilāha ʾilla -llāhu,
I bear witness that there is no god but Allah,

وَأَشْهَدُ أَنَّ مُحَمَّدًا رَسُولُ ٱللَّٰهِ
wa-ʾashadu ʾanna Muhammadan rasūlu-llāh.

and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Taking shahada could not be simpler. You just need to repeat the words in the shahada with conviction. If you would like to receive a certificate from Cambridge Central Mosque, two adult Muslim witnesses must be present.

You can take shahada anywhere and at any time!  This can be at home, at work, in a garden, beach or of course a mosque! Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ*  said ‘The whole earth has been made a mosque for me.’

*God’s Blessings & Peace be upon him.


Our shahada ceremony provides a formal context for you to take your shahada and an opportunity to invite those closest to you whilst receiveing a certificate recognising your acceptance of Islam. However, there is certainly no requirement to have such a ceremony for someone simply wishing to make the declaration of faith, although many do choose to.

There is no need to memorise or correctly pronounce the shahada in advance! Our Imam will slowly guide you through the process on the day. If you want to know the correct pronunciation, here is a helpful guide.

Shahada ceremonies can take place anytime, usually in our Conference Room, during our opening hours. They take up to an hour, though the testimony of faith itself lasts only a few minutes.

Absolutely! We encourage you to invite any close family members or friends you wish to have present, regardless of their faith –  Muslims, as well as those of other faiths and none are all welcome! Just let us know in the form below how many you’re expecting!

Should you or your guests wish to take pictures at your shahada ceremony you are welcome to do so.

Though there is no formal dress code, out of respect for this place of worship, adult visitors are requested to observe modest dress that covers their arms and legs.

The shahada certificate we provide has no legal validity but can be required as proof of entering Islam when travelling to perform the Islamic pilgrimages of Umra or Hajj. The certificate can also be used to ensure a convert is accorded a Muslim burial, or to support claims that the will of the deceased should be followed in accordance with the principles of Islamic inheritance. We retain a digital copy of the certificate for our records for reprint purposes. 

We ask for your name, contact number and email address for our internal records and in order to communicate important information to you. It is also useful in case we ever need to reissue your shahada certificate. We will not share your contact details without your express consent.

To ensure proof of identity, we ask that you bring a form of photo identification, such as a driver’s licence, student ID or passport to be shown to our Imam before the ceremony commences. We do not store photocopies or scanned copies of your ID.

Absolutely! This is common and you may have a number of reasons for wishing to do this. We are happy to facilitate a formal ceremony for you here at Cambridge Central Mosque.


Certainly. New Muslims are encouraged to visit us to learn about, and practice, Islam. Our website details our prayer times and events, both physical and virtual. We also encourage you to connect with Cambridge Crescent, a local support group, established over a decade ago that is run by and for converts as well as those with immediate family members who have converted.

Still have questions? Email us at shahadas@cambridgecentralmosque.org!


​Kindly fill out this form and we will get back to you with confirmation of your shahada booking.