8th December 2023 · 25 Jumada Al-Awwal 1445
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ℹ️ Interested in teaching on our Madrasa programme? Please fill out this form.


We are planning a unique madrasa programme for children aged 7-15! Classes will be held at Cambridge Central Mosque on Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6-8 pm and we hope to run our first scheduled class in February 2022!

Registration is now closed. If you are interested and would like to be placed on our waiting list please fill out this form.


    Unfortunately, due to high demand, registration has now closed. Please fill out the waiting list form above.

    No, unfortunately, due to significantly high demand, registering & attending a Meet & Greet does not guarantee a position.

    Your meet & greet session was part of the process in registering your interest. If you have expressed an interest in applying you will have received an invitation to apply on Thursday 20 January.


    As much as we would love to accommodate all applicants, we must work within our current means. Therefore, completion of the application form doesn’t guarantee a spot, successful applicants will be contacted via email to enrol formally to our madrasa programme.

    This is an inauguration of a new programme as we progress we will try our best to increase our capacity and include more children to our programme. In the meantime please keep an eye on our website/social media for more information.


    We would love to introduce a Hifz programme in the future, the current madrasa programme involves some memorisation but Hifz is not the main focus.

    No, we will operate termly in accordance with the local term dates listed here. Classes will pause leading up to and during Ramadan, including a break for Eid. A madrasa calendar will be distributed upon enrolment.


    Monday 21 February Insha’Allah.


    Absolutely, yes. The main criteria for admission into the program include a 100% attendance expectation, with reasonable exceptions such as emergencies.

    Upon enrolment, you will receive a copy of our attendance policy. However, for any reason, behavioural, attendance etc. If we deem it necessary, our mosque reserves the right to remove your child from the programme in accordance with our policies and procedures.


    Upon successful enrolment, you will receive a prospectus with the relevant policies & procedures. Should you wish to see other more general policies, please ask a member of the administration team. 


    The donation is £360 per year, per child.


    Donations can be made termly and should be made before the commencement of the term. Presently we are not accepting monthly or annual donations for our madrasa programme. All donations are non-refundable.

    Donations for our madrasa programme cover:

    • Teachers Pay
    • Teachers costs such as DBS checks
    • Teaching supplies
    • Madrasa supplies
    • Award Ceremonies

    Any remaining balance is donated as a general donation to our mosque and put towards mosque operations and community projects as a general donation.


    We will be sourcing books for both the Quranic & Islamic Studies portion from a publisher or wholesaler and they will be available to parents/guardians at cost price. You are free to purchase them independently also.

    The curriculum covers Quranic Studies & Islamic Sciences.

    We will not be providing a set madrasa curriculum in advance. Our teachers are highly trained and have been hand-picked by our Imam leading the programme and although the curriculum will be outlined by our Imam, there may be changes throughout to better the learning process.

    Our objective is to create a fun learning, Islamic environment. We are not a school and therefore will not provide regular reports nor will we be assessing students formally. We highly encourage parents/guardians to regularly engage with their child’s learning at home. 


    Imam Zakarya Gangat will be leading our unique new madrasa programme. Imam Zakarya studied in Canada, and for seven years focused on memorisation of the Qur’an and various Islamic Sciences. Read more on Our Imams page!

    Teachers may include the Imams and Islamically trained individuals in the community. 

    Part of our hiring process is that all teachers and Imams involved in teaching undergo an enhanced DBS check and will also undergo safeguarding and first aid training.  


    All communication must be made through Imam Zakarya, the programme lead, similarly, if teachers wish to communicate with parents formally this will be done through the programme lead. 


    Transport to and from the madrasa is not the responsibility of the Cambridge Central Mosque but that of parents/guardians. Your child cannot be dropped off at street level and you must be sure to drop them off in good time to attend class. Attendance will be monitored strictly.

    Getting your child safely to and from the madrasa is solely a parent/guardian’s responsibility therefore your child must be accompanied at all times by a parent/guardian travelling to and from classes. 


    Still have questions? Email us at education@cambridgecentralmosque.org!