Sports Ambassadors – Registration

Sports Ambassadors – Registration

Exercising regularly is a crucial part of keeping fit and healthy. By taking part in sports, individuals learn self-confidence, how to motivate themselves, and how to lead active lifestyles. To integrate our community, particularly the youth, and to help raise funds for our mosque to carry out such initiatives, Cambridge Central Mosque will be organising a variety of sports tournaments in the Summer of 2021!

Sports will include Badminton, Cricket, Football & Netball (all sports will be open to both males and females, apart from Netball which will be open for females only).

Tournaments will be created for all age groups, children, youth, and young adults.

Cambridge Central Mosque is looking for enthusiastic members of our community, males & females, who have experience and knowledge of any of the sports mentioned above, to become CCM Sports Ambassadors. Ambassadors will lead in developing and overseeing these exciting tournaments!

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please click here to complete the registration form. This role is limited to Cambridgeshire residents only.