Statement Regarding the Reopening for Individual Worship

Statement Regarding the Reopening for Individual Worship

Monday 15th June 2020

The government recently announced that places of worship are allowed to reopen for individual worship from Saturday 13th June 2020. Although this is a positive step in supporting faith communities, it unfortunately does not go far enough in accommodating the religious requirements of the Muslim community for congregational prayers. The decision to allow only individual worship may create confusion amongst our congregation.

We are longing to return to our tranquil mosques and to worship alongside one another. However, we must not rush the crucial process of reopening our doors. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is still widespread, therefore we have a responsibility to plan diligently to ensure we reopen in the safest way possible. We must prioritise the welfare of our communities and concentrate on reducing the possibility of infection transmission when we make decisions.

Therefore, the trustees at Cambridge Central Mosque have decided not to open the mosque building for individual worship, and the building itself will remain closed. We will instead be investing time and sincere effort in preparing for congregational prayers to resume safely when this is permitted, in accordance to government guidelines. The government has indicated that this may be in early July Insha’Allah.

The Islamic Garden will remain open between 11:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. Please see our recent announcement here for more information.

We pray for everyone’s safety and wellbeing and urge all members of our community to stay alert even though some restrictions of the lockdown have eased.